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ECS – Your International Cordset and IEC Power Cords Source!

All of your International cordset and IEC power cords at your finger tips!

Electric Cord Sets, Inc. has always been an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality International Cordset and IEC power cords. IEC cords are used in many different applications both internationally and domestically. Due to their versatility, ECS has always strived to be the best among the manufacturers of IEC power cords. ECS has the capability to manufacture most International cordsets as well as all IEC cords. ECS has a top reputation with our abroad customers as a maker of high quality International cordsets and IEC power cords .

All of Electric Cord Sets, Inc.'s products meet the corresponding International approvals and are RoHS compliant. ECS has the capability to manufacture most plugs on to any type of cord you require. All of our IEC power cords go through rigorous testing before we ship them out, to insure the product you receive from us not only meets and exceeds your expectations, but also our expectations as well.

Check out our International cordset and IEC cords categories below, and see why ECS is a leader in IEC power cords manufacturing.


Australia & New Zealand

Continental Europe


Great Britain

IEC Connectors

India & South Africa





Two Conductor

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